Workspace: More - Import

In the Workspace, you can import csv (Comma Separated Value) or similar files: 

Click on the More icon in the upper left corner of the Workspace and select Import.

Select a file

Select a csv file, there the lines are separated by CR LF (windows or linux style) and the fields are separated by comma "," or tab. If the field values include a space (or comma), the values need to be in "double quotes" - see https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4180

We can also support additional separators.

Map the columns

The first line is interpreted as column names or headings.  The table is searched for columns with the name or label. You can select and change the column mapping. After a column is mapped, the lines are checked for correctness for that column.

If a column is not mapped, it is not imported. You can add also new additional columns by clicking on "Add Column" at the right end of the table.

The summary shows how many columns are mapped and if there are any mandatory columns you did not map. 

Check values

The cell value is checked for correctness.  If the value is not found or not correct, you can fix it in the cell editor. 

If all the values in a line are correct, the line is marked to be imported.